There are major three grades of plywood available in market.

01. Moisture Resistant (MR) Grade Plywood:

It is also known as Commercial plywood. It is interior grade plywood and is used for making indoor furniture.

02. Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Grade Plywood:

It is waterproof plywood. It is widely used for making home and office furniture that is likely to get wet.

03. Marine Grade Plywood or Boiling Water Proof (BWP) Plywood:

It is also known as Commercial It is superior quality plywood that is used in exterior applications and marine areas.

The other common grades are:

Flexible Grade Plywood:

This type of plywood is not stiff and can be easily rolled up.

Fire Retardant (FR) Grade Plywood:

It is used at places where fire risks have to be reduced such as in shopping complexes, public theaters, restaurant kitchens, etc

Industrial Grade Plywood:

This grade of plywood includes structural plywood and phenolic film-faced concrete shuttering plywood.


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